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Thyroid Welness Coach

April Rodriguez

Fitness Coach

Welcome to TeamArodFitness! My name is April and I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who specializes in helping women with hypothyroidism lose weight and feel better. I remember the day I was diagnosed with Hashimotos/hypothyroidism - I felt extremely let down by my body, and felt like all of my fitness efforts would be for nothing. I felt lost and alone, and so overwhelmed by the internet telling me what “diet” I needed in order to lose weight. I’m here to tell you there is a better way to reach your fitness, health, and weight loss goals without extremes, and oftentimes with more food than you thought you needed. If you’re looking to lose weight while supporting your thyroid, you’re in the right place!

Gut Health E-Guide

“All disease begins in the gut”
- Hippocrates

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