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How I Put My Hashimoto's in Remission

I almost died in 2018 and that event alone is what started my journey to putting my Hashimoto’s in remission.

I was 24 years old, just had my second baby, and had contracted the flu when I was 3 weeks postpartum. My body was pretty darn shot from just having a baby and it could not fight the bug. In an effort to kill the virus, my body spiked a fever to 109 (yes, I was on fever reducers) and just would not regulate. A 911 call and a trip to the ER later and I promised myself I’d heal my body.

Here’s what I was dealing with at the time:

  • Insulin resistance

  • Major gut health problems from prolonged keto

  • Hashimotos & hypothyroidism

  • Weight loss resistance

I had to choose where to start. If you try to address everything at once, you will end up throwing an overwhelming amount of “remedies” at yourself and pray that one of them sticks….it just doesn’t work that way.

Mind you, at this point I had been in the fitness industry for several years, but the functional wellness industry was brand new to me. They’re entirely different (which is why working with a macro coach when you have hashimoto’s isn’t working too well for ya!).

After chatting with people 2 steps ahead of me, I decided to start my wellness journey by healing my gut. I have my gut health E Guide for free here

For me, my gut health was the root cause to my autoimmunity and was driving the rest of my pesky symptoms.

I won’t sugar coat it - when you’ve been suffering, you will be willing to go to great lengths to heal. I took an entire year and practiced the following:

  • Regularly drinking bone broth on an empty stomach

  • Diet variation (whole foods as much as possible and having days with or without dairy/grains) **I never fully eliminated anything other than gluten, I’d just give my body a break from dairy or grains a couple of days/week

  • NO ALCOHOL which was imperative for healing my gut.

  • Dialed back training to prioritize healing over aesthetics

But after that one year was over? I now get to enjoy all things in moderation! Gluten is the one thing I will not reintroduce, but now I can live and enjoy a balanced lifestyle!

I also ate more for that entire year and the years after. I got pregnant with my third baby during this time and took full advantage of those 9 months and “reverse” dieted throughout my pregnancy. This made postpartum weight loss “easy” - meaning my body responded really well to a slight calorie deficit because my metabolism and thyroid were optimized and my hashimoto’s was in remission.

If you’re reading this and your Hashimoto’s is causing you great pain, I see you. I know it’s overwhelming and it’s frustrating! I encourage you to put in the hard work towards healing! Start with my free gut health e guide, or let my team of functional nutrition coaches & metabolism specialists help you.

Right now, I’m enrolling 5 new clients into my 12 week Thyroid Bootcamp and giving them 4 weeks free at the end! Meaning you could get 16 weeks for the price of 12! You can apply for 1:1 coaching here

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