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Insulin Resistant....Again?

What does months of stress + poor sleep quality + poor quality food choices equal?

In my case….

Insulin resistance


This isn’t my first rodeo. In fact, I had some blood sugar issues as a young pre-teen that never got much attention by medical professionals. I was officially diagnosed pre-diabetic after having my second baby in 2018, and (being me) I fought back! And I won.

Here we are, 5 years later. I’ve had another baby, opened 2 businesses, made a cross country move, and I’ve found myself in a pickle with too much unmanaged stress.

When we’re talking about insulin resistance, it’s important to note that tackling the low hanging fruit is crucial. This includes the following:

  • Sleep duration and quality (6 hours just isn’t going to cut it. You need 8-9)

  • Food quality that includes fiber, protein, and healthy fats for good omega 3 & 6 ratios (more omega 3, less omega 6)

  • Stress management techniques (deep breathing, mindfulness, journaling, time in nature, etc)

  • Activity level (simply getting more steps in throughout the day to start)

If you give someone a solid nutrition protocol for insulin resistance, but they’re unable to hit these basics, then you won’t move the needle very far.

For me, I’m a go-getter. I just want to feel good and will do what it takes to get there!....and then maintain, but first I gotta get there!

Soooo what am I currently doing?

  • Wearing a CGM to help me see what works/doesn’t work, and to help manage progress.

  • Hitting 10k steps/ day (mainly by walking after meals to keep blood sugar in healthy ranges)

  • Strength training 3-4x/week

  • Carb cycling

  • Taking glucose before meals

  • Tackling the above list of “low hanging fruit”

In just 2 weeks of diligently following my plan that my team of functional nutrition coaches and metabolism specialists laid out for me, I’m starting to feel a lot better! And my data is improving as well!

We have a lot of insulin resistant clients who we’ve successfully helped! Most of my clients featured in the “clients” highlight on my IG have battled insulin resistance and are currently thriving. Go check them out!

Want a customized plan that takes your whole body into consideration? My team specializes in helping women with Hashimoto’s/hypothyroidism (and all the pesky crap that comes with it - like insulin resistance, PCOS, and hormonal imbalances). We do functional labs, lab analysis for any labs you’ve had done within the last 6 months, and create your plan accordingly! We then oversee your protocol on a weekly basis with check ins! Apply for coaching here!

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