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Is Thyroid Fatigue Treatable?

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Fatigue is common but not normal.

The good news is that thyroid fatigue is treatable. Although thyroid disease comes with many different kinds of problems, thyroid fatigue is one of the most common ones. As thyroid problems become more and more common, so do the effects of thyroid disease on people. One significant and common effect of thyroid disease is thyroid fatigue.

So you’re probably wondering:

  • What is thyroid fatigue?

  • Why does thyroid fatigue have such a big impact on my life?

  • How can I combat thyroid fatigue?

We will answer these questions about thyroid fatigue in this article.

What is Thyroid Fatigue?

Thyroid fatigue can be considered a symptom of an overactive (hyper-) or underactive (hypo-) thyroid. Put simply, an underactive thyroid can slow down your metabolism and heart rate, which leads to less overall energy. More Information on this can be found at the Clevland Clinic.

On the other hand, when the thyroid is overactive, this can lead to a faster metabolism and heart rate, which can also lead to exhaustion.

Why Thyroid Fatigue Can Have a Major Impact on Your Life

Thyroid fatigue, like any other type of fatigue, leaves you feeling exhausted, anxious, and irritable. Not only do daily, simple chores become hard to do, but thyroid fatigue also can make the things you once enjoyed seem uninteresting.

Thyroid fatigue steals your energy and leaves you with a lack of motivation. This, in turn, affects your physical and mental well-being.

It's common knowledge that power is needed to function on a day-to-day basis, but when dealing with thyroid fatigue, many have a hard time gaining energy no matter how much sleep they get.

We're left with the question then; What are some ways to combat thyroid fatigue?

Ways to Combat Thyroid Fatigue

There are many ways to combat thyroid fatigue. That's why we've decided to go through the medical and natural ways that can help! Learning to combat thyroid fatigue can help when figuring out a game plan. Although there are many options, it's good to figure out which options will be best for you and your lifestyle.

Medical Treatments for Thyroid Fatigue

When adequately diagnosed with Thyroid Fatigue, there are medical treatments that can be prescribed to help with the symptoms of thyroid fatigue. Depending on whether it's an overactive or underactive thyroid that causes you fatigue will determine what kind of medicine would be prescribed.

Some medical treatments include:

  • Levothyroxine. This is prescribed for those with an underactive thyroid. It helps replace thyroxine which is usually sparse in those who have Hypothyroidism.

  • Anti-thyroid Medication. This type of medication can be prescribed to those who deal with hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid.

It’s imperative that you have your thyroid tested before starting any of these medications to ensure you’re taking the right one, as they all work a little differently. You can get a complete thyroid panel kit from Paloma that you can complete in the comfort of your own home.

Natural Ways to Help With Thyroid Fatigue

Although the advancements in the medical field to help with thyroid fatigue are astounding accomplishments, we should remember all the natural ways to combat thyroid fatigue, and let us tell you, there are many! Let's take a few minutes to consider just some of these natural ways.

  • Exercise. Exercise plays a crucial role in lessening the effects of thyroid fatigue. It can balance out stress, blood sugar, and, surprisingly, your energy levels. Remember! Exercising comes in all shapes and forms! Whether it be a stroll around your neighborhood or a hike to your favorite lookout spot, there are ways to make exercising enjoyable and doable. Just be sure to avoid intense workouts (HIIT, excessive cardio, etc.) that will only make your thyroid function worse.

  • Food Choices. Your eating habits significantly affect combating your thyroid problems and the fatigue that comes with them. So then, how can you create a meal plan that makes a difference? It all starts with learning which eating habits have the most positive impact on your thyroid. Once you can scout out the beneficial foods, creating a meal plan becomes easy and fun! Sometimes, it can be hard to determine which foods are good and which aren't so good. That's why we've researched for you! Why not give our article: "10 Thyroid-Friendly Foods to Help You Lose Weight" a read?

  • Sleep Schedule. Remember not to underestimate the power of getting a good night's rest! This will help your body to have more energy when combatting thyroid fatigue. A good sleep routine can help stabilize your mental, physical, and emotional health.

  • Rest. Although sleep can be looked at as rest, the rest we are discussing is slightly different. When we say "rest," we mean to take time for yourself. Do something relaxing that you enjoy. Whether reading a book, taking a nap, or doing your favorite hobby, it's vital to rest and relax.

  • Refrain from caffeine. Caffeine has been known to put stress on the thyroid. Even though it might initially make sense to drink caffeine when fatigued, after immense research, studies have found it best not to drink caffeine. If you’re not ready to give up your morning coffee, make it a habit to always eat breakfast before your coffee and stop drinking caffeine after 12 PM.

  • Taking care of your mental health. When dealing with thyroid fatigue and thyroid problems in general, it can be easy to forget about your mental health. Remember! In order to effectively combat thyroid fatigue, it's essential that your mental health is in good shape. Focus on stress-reducing activities, do what makes you happy, and reach out for additional professional support.

You're Not Alone in Your Struggles With Thyroid Fatigue

Although you might sometimes feel isolated and misunderstood when dealing with thyroid fatigue, be sure you are not alone. Many people experience the same kind of problems that you may be facing, including me! Realizing you're not alone in these feelings is one of the first steps to beginning the journey of overcoming thyroid fatigue. We understand that thyroid problems come with daily struggles, such as fatigue.

When your thyroid isn't happy, it's a guarantee you won't be either.

That's why we've made it our mission to help our friends living with Hashimotos and hypothyroidism. We offer different services specifically tailored to help. From our custom macros to our custom strength training programs, we make it a point to always base our services on each customer. That means our service is uniquely tailored to fit you and your goals.

Getting you on the path to a better and less fatigued lifestyle isn't an if but a when. Contact us today to learn how you can better your thyroid health!


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